About Me


I am very happy that you are interested in not only my content but about me as a person, so thank you for clicking on this tab!

My name is Helen, I am 20 years old, and this is a tab about me 😉

The Story Behind  Matz Mag:

I started blogging about a year ago here, formally called ZigZagMagBlog, but recently went through a change in not only the blog name but where I wanted the content to shift, therefore the name is Matz Mag.

The reason why I started blogging was to be able to use my voice to share experiences personally and in college, my professional development, and most importantly to impact others positively

My overall goal in life is to make an impact on individuals, spreading positive affirmations by sharing how I am trying to live my life. I want to help individuals specifically those going through rough patches of losing loved ones, dealing with depression, and showing the light through my posts. I am also very in tune with my career aspirations and business professional development, and I want my experiences to be shared to relate and hopefully inspire others.

About Helen, the author, me 🙂 :

Typing “About Helen, the author, me :)” felt weird like I was typing an autobiography about this novelist who is over 60 years old 😀 but no my name is Helen and I am 20 years old who aspires to be work within operations, digital strategy, and be a Social Impact Enthusiast!

Pretty sure those titles aren’t familiar or even real but they will be! In a recent event I attended where a speaker from Google Engineering stated that 60% of the students going into the workforce, will be in jobs that have not even been created yet! Crazy right! Anything is possible! So anyways, you’re probably reading this and thinking ‘why is she talking about this’, well that’s because I am here to make the impossible possible, and showing that through this blog!

Not long ago, I was a very shy, quiet, introverted person who dreamed of being a social figure in the business world, but believed that she did not have the talents to. Through events in my life, I have truly realized that life is what you make it, we are all the same and can achieve the possibilities we create for ourselves by sharing our aspirations to the universe. As you probably have noticed I like to get very “TED Talk” like and inspirational, so beware. So here I am, a 20 year old woman, making the stepping stones to be who I want to be in hopes that you all are striving for greatness as well.

Some general facts about me include that I am a Management Information Systems Business major at the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management. I also plan to get a certificate in Social Innovation! I play club water polo at my university and I have been playing water polo since Freshman year of high school. I am a #middlechild with having an older brother and a younger brother.

And other facts you will just have to learn through contacting me and/or by reading my blog!