Why Being a Pre-Business Major is so Valuable: My Experience.

Hello people of the Internet!

My name is Helen Matz and as of now I am a junior undergraduate at the University of Arizona. I just started my first three weeks as an MIS (Management Information Systems) major at the Eller College of Management, which is the business college at my university.

For the first two years of my undergrad, I was a Pre-Business major and a lot of us students can’t wait for upper division, which I was too and am excited to now finally be in, but I realized that if I was never a Pre-Business major first, I wouldn’t have picked the major I am pursuing now in Eller nor would have developed personally and professionally. So, for all the Pre-Business majors, at any university, this is what being a Pre-Business major taught me and why it was so important and valuable for me to go through!

Seeking the Right Business major for me:

This one is somewhat obvious in how being a Pre-Business major helps this idea but I think it is important to bring up and share.

At the business school at my university, you get to take a few classes that highlight main business majors, specifically before you apply you take accounting. I know a friend of mine was planning to apply as a different major until she took accounting, now she’s an accounting major! But even taking business statistics, you get exposed to what majors use it for. But it’s more than just the classes you take too!

For me, I thought I was going to major in a different business major, but I realized later that my major now, MIS, is something I am more interested in and understand its concepts more! I found this out from doing well in an MIS course my freshman year, to then being a part of a program exposing me to all the career types, which made me look into opportunities better suited for myself within the major!

As a Pre-Business major, at least at Eller, you can still join clubs that are specific business career oriented like Sports Marketing Association, and Financial Management Association, and even clubs that go wide in careers in business like Social Media Club. These clubs let you explore certain majors that might correlate with the career path you want in business.

In general, being able to get involved within your school, maybe do work that might lead you to what major is best for you, and is so valuable. I joined organizations within my business college and some just at the university itself! Gaining experience in all types like being on a leader on club sports team, in a business club, and working at the business school has allowed me to see where I can take my major in my career! I had no idea that helping my club water polo team with social media data and then also joining organizations in Eller emphasizing in social media and technology would all correlate together!

Allowed me to connect with and create friendships with different Business Majors:

In my first semester thus far as an MIS major, there are a couple classes where I am with multiple business majors, but I know that as I go further into my major classes, I will be primarily with people just in my major. So being able to be Pre-Business my Freshman and Sophomore year allowed me to make friends with people who now are majoring in different business majors. Who doesn’t want to know more about what other people are pursuing and get a little glimpse of that?

Even now having those couple classes where multiple business majors are in with me, the people who I sit with, are those I met as a Pre-Business major, and would not have met otherwise if we didn’t have prior Pre-Business classes together.

Developing a Business Identity:

This is probably one of the most rewarding parts of being a Pre-Business major for me because it has shaped me into who I am now as an MIS major in the Eller College. I am not saying that you can’t develop a business identity if you go directly in your business school. But personally for me being a Pre-Business major first has allowed me to learn more about myself, grow within clubs and organizations, take on leadership roles, and be a part of Pre-Business programs, to start creating a business identity before finding the major I was going to pursue.

Now, what do I mean by business identity? I mean that I have started to create myself and present myself in a way business professionals do, and I believe that being exposed to doing things such as Externships, case competitions within Pre-Business programs, and even doing assignments establishing a LinkedIn profile or collecting research for company to present, all have helped me grow and understand what it takes to be in the business world. I know I need to continue to understand the business world, especially primarily getting a student perspective of it but these honestly have helped me grow personally, professionally, and academically.

When entering the University of Arizona as a Pre-Business major, I never would have thought it would have brought me so much value and growth. Now, being officially an MIS major, I am ready to focus on core business classes, and grow even more as a business student.

I know this post might not speak to a lot of you, but whatever major you are in or at whatever stage you are at life, one key from this that I believe can be beneficial to you is to get involved in anything you think will be impacting your career/life and is interesting to you! Like joining an organization at your school or work, becoming a leader in the organization, this will truly seek more value in your life and will make you feel good as a human being 🙂

I also posted this post on my LinkedIn, if you would like to connect with me and/or check out the post there my profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/helenmatz/ 

Thanks for taking the time to read all this way! 🙂

Logging out,

Helen ❤

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