What it is like to be 20 in 2018

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

So I know I like just turned 20 exactly 2 months ago from when I started working on this blog post, but I feel that I have enough life experience from these past two months to know what it is like to be 20 years-old in 2018…

But honestly, despite only being 20 for a short period of time, I have observed and done research on what 20 year-olds are like in 2018.

This post will not just talk about typical, casual lifestyle of a 20 years-old but also:

  • the impact of technology
  • the several perspectives on our career development and
  • our expectations of ourselves.

Also, I don’t speak for everyone, but this is just a surface level of what it is like to be 20 in 2018.

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Now lets begin!

Us 20 year-olds are either in the generation of Millennials or Generation Z, which I know there is an ongoing battle about where we are classified as, but either way these generations are very tech savy.

This means we are well informed about the technology we use and some of us even know how it’s built, coded, and marketed.

There are several ranges of how people in their 20’s use the social media aspect of technology. I think I can say that most 20 year-olds I know use social media at least once a day.

Whether it be to just check Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, etc. or actual post content every single day! Which is not necessarily a bad thing!

Social media brings people from all over the world together and we can make intimate communities with it. The 20 year-olds I encounter like to be connected to the world around us, and easy access is through social media! So to the generations that do not fully understand why 20 year-olds are so into their phones, this is a main factor as to why we are like this.

 And with this interest in social media and to new technology comes with new careers and new ways to figure out what career you want.

However, as much as the society is emphasized about technology, there are other aspects 20 year-olds partake in.

It can be hard for some 20 year-olds to find what they are truly passionate about. They tend to put a lot of pressure to have everything figured out, or the complete opposite and put no timeline on themselves whats-so-ever.

Sometimes us 20 year-olds stress to be perfect, whether that be digitally or in our day-to-day life.

But what we sometimes forget is that “20s are for learning, 30s are for earning”

However, why put a label that 20s can’t be earning time, and learning!

Us 20 year-olds are consistently learning yet also earning too! Some are learning more about themselves inside and outside of school and displaying that through social platforms like YouTube.

Generation Z wants to make an impact on the world, this includes 20 year-olds, and other generations too but now since we are tech savy, we know about problems going on throughout the world and can make a difference using digital platforms!

Some 20s have an entreprenuerial act, which can contribute this factor of changing the world or just others around them.

Some more than others heighten these traits, and there are others in which not all 20 year-olds encounter but I believe these are all aspects that us 20 year-olds at least glossed over.

This post did not highlight very detail oriented facts, and that is just because every 20 year-old is different and although most statistics show certain characteristics, we all do not have them. But I hope you all found this informative and maybe helped you understand yourself or the 20 year-olds, even Generation Z/Millennials better!

Logging out,




3 Replies to “What it is like to be 20 in 2018”

  1. I’m quite past the 20 years mark, but I enjoyed reading your post and I think you’ve captured some valid aspects. It’s definitely a tech savvy generation, although this can be expanded for other age groups too:), but I would say that, most importantly, it’s a generation that can have a great influence on shaping the society going forward.

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