What to do when you compare yourself to someone else’s career…get inspired by it!

Hello human beings of the Internet World!

So I got inspired to write this post because I was on LinkedIn and I saw my connections posting about their summer opportunities and career advancements and I was starting to compare and contrast mine to theirs. I realized that I needed to

wait a minute

and stop doing this and evaluate: why am I doing this, why do I feel this way, what can I do to not compare but get inspired by these people to be the best I can be and go my own path?

I realized I needed to take steps to advance my growth instead of just comparing and contrasting with others.

I have had immense growth this past year but just because of that and the fact that it is summer doesn’t mean that is time to stop evolving.

So a step to take when you catch yourself comparing other people’s career successes rather than learning from them, you focus on your skills!

What I am focusing on you ask?:

So right now I am trying to take all the time to evaluate what skills I need to work on in order to get a dream position. Last year I had an amazing internship, and that too was a stepping stone but I knew that I needed to do some personal work to grow even more! So I decided to continue to get more insight with people who do have my dream job and have some sort of informational interview with them! Gained a lot of insight and made some friends!

I also decided to focus on factors that will help improve myself so when I do get a particular opportunity I will be as ready as I can be. Therefore, I decided to look for jobs in data entry, data analysis and social media work to improve in the technical data factor, and I got one, yay! Through friend/family friend connections (who would have thought)!

But if that didn’t work, I would continue to look into positions, and maybe look a little outside of those factors which could help improve other skills like even being a sales associate would provide team building and skills to be more outgoing (if that’s a skill)?

We all should stop and reflect on what we have accomplished in the past too. Sometimes after those experiences we will have bumps in the road where our path to another successful hill is too long and we feel as we will never get there. But, I have seen it and experienced it and now trying to get back to the beginning of the cycle to do it all again, but with different experiences.

If we have a similar goal to someone else, that doesn’t mean we will take the same cycle to it, nor get to it at the same time. We are all so different from one another, with different strengths and weaknesses, different backgrounds, therefore bringing us different paths. But that doesn’t mean to slack off because we assume someone else is going to achieve something before you. So if one goal happens sooner for someone else than for us we shouldn’t be mad about it, rather we should get inspired by them and learn what’s next for us to do.

So when someone achieves something, take these into consideration too:

~ Look at the individual and their characteristics as a whole and understand their path

                  This will allow you to realize that the steps they took should not align with your steps to the same goal because they have different relationships, different strengths and weaknesses, and different backgrounds. Everyone has different steps, but…use the next tip to help learn from others!

~ Use their hardships through their own path to bring strength during your hardships during your own path!

Whether or not they have the same goals or dreams as you, you can still learn from other unique stories!

~ Actively reach your goals instead of letting them fly by

Watching someone achieve their dreams whether they are similar to yours or not, you just comparing and doing nothing about it will only make your dreams less and less real for you to accomplish.

Make every step you have enjoyable, as cheesy quotes say, it’s about the journey, not the destination. But once you get to the destination, make another journey! The last part I added in, but it incorporates that everything  is all about the path.

Honestly, after writing this out, it inspired me to get out of my head and keep moving forward and be inspired by others accomplishments instead of dwelling. So lets do this together and get our goals accomplished!

Logging out,


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