Summer Music June 2018

Hello music lovers,

Last year around this time I wrote a blog post on current music I have loved, and honestly I was listening to music and realized how much it plays into my life and decided to make this an annual thing? So here are some songs and two albums I have been loving; however, I decided to separate them into categories of when I play the songs most. So if you are looking for music to help you focus through your summer class, or while driving, or chill time, I got some music you can check out!

Focus music:

Carvan Palace ~ Album: <|o _o|> (or something like that because I typed this on Word to get the o’s for the eyes)

Top in album for me: Human Leather Shoes for Crocodile Dandies 

This album my roommate Emma showed me, and honestly I don’t just listen to this album when I am studying or cleaning, I listen to it whenever, but when I really need to focus on school or work I usually play this album! Not many lyrics and is very unique compared to the other songs I will mention but still very up-beat and I can’t get enough of it! Also how cool is it that their album name is literally typed characters in text that make a face!

Up-Beat Music for Summer Drives:

Now this is the type of music I listen to on the daily basis! So I will give a few of my favorite songs at the current moment!

Klingande ~ Jubel -Orginal Mix and Jubel Nora En Pure Remix

I have been listening to this song all the time, when I study and when I am out and about, and about to sleep. It is just one of those songs that I actually like the Original Mix more than the remix, but the Nora En Pure Remix is my other favorite version of this song! Again not many lyrics but its not entirely instrumental. It has so many levels that I am not sure what genre it would fit into, my roommates like to call the music genre “chill-step” 😀 .

Life of Dillon ~ Dream – Lost Kings Remix

This song is the story of my life, or at least what I am preaching to be the story of my life. Basically the songs talks about how one isn’t ready for love because he is chasing his dreams, and if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Which my dreams sure scare me like a lot but I’m still going for them! So whenever I want to be pumped up, this song does it. It has a good beat like EDM and chill-step music. I am no music critic or analyst of music but that is what my friend Natalie said my music taste is like.

Quintino ~ Good Vibes (feat. Laurell)

Again this song is super upbeat like the last song I mentioned, honestly most of my songs are upbeat because that’s how I like my mood to me. But this song brings good vibes, get it ;), but give it a listen!

“Mainstream”/ chill day music:

Shawn Mendes ~ Album: Shawn Mendes 

Top songs on the album for me: Youth feat. Khalid and In My Blood

My favorite songs include Youth feat. Khalid, which I love that man Khalid, I wrote a blog post about the concert of his I went to. Also In My Blood which is one I think most people have heard on the radio but is still one of my favorite solely because it is different from Shawn Mendes’s usual songs in terms of lyrics, and it’s relatable for me. I think it is funny and a little weird that the album is just called Shawn Mendes.

And that is all I am going to list! I could go on but these have been the top recently, especially the Up-Beat group of songs I listed, those I listen to in any situation I am in. Let me know if you like them and feel free to look me up on Spotify! Also let me know if this is something I should share more daily instead of once a year!


Logging out,


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