why YOU should blog ~a tribute to a year of blogging~

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

Wow today, January 15th 2018 marks one year of blogging for zigzagmag! This is the date when I posted my first blog post last year. Actually I made my blog in November of 2016, but actually had the courage to post my first blog in January of 2017. And what a year it has been ah!

I decided that in tribute to it being a year since I published my first piece that I would write a post on why I think others who are thinking about blogging should blog!

Here we go…

Through blogging, I have been able to reach people who I would have NEVER crossed paths with and affected them in some way. I have even reached people who I know but never talked to much or became distant with and affected them in some way. A positive way I feel/hope.

My ultimate goal in life, that I want to carry through my career and personal life is to connect with people, digitally and in person. And I can say that the past year I have definitely done that. Through this blog I have received comments directly on my posts, to Facebook comments, to personal messages people like you have sent me. This blog has been an outlet for me to help me connect with others as well as my readers to connect with one another.

I want to say thank you to the people who read all my posts constantly, and to the ones who have supported me in this little hobby that I hope changes some of your lives! Sorry for getting deep but… honestly the blog posts that I have debated on uploading, the ones I cringed at are the ones that have gotten the most attention and those were the ones where I was really putting myself out there. I cannot believe the people who have supported me through those “cringe worthy” posts, and I hope they shined a light to you all.


So the point of this post was to emphasize why potential bloggers should blog. All the points I said about connecting and having the potential to impact people is why you should blog! Even though my blog is small, I have reached people and for the most part positively impact them in whatever way. No matter what content you want to create, you will impact someone, maybe even make their day!

I literally just finished reading the book Milk and Honey, by Rupi Kaur, and on page 1 she states

“my heart woke me crying last night

how can i help i begged

my heart said

write the book“.

I feel that if you have something that can potentially impact someone’s life, respectfully and in a positive way, share it. So blog about it! That is why I do, like why Rupi wrote her book Milk and Honey. 

Also starting a blog could open new doors, opportunities you have been chasing for or experiences you never thought could happen! I know it is scary to put your writing out there to the world, but if you do it in a honest yet respectful way, you will sure get good people to read it and follow!

Thank you all for clicking on this post and/or any of my posts at all! I hope if you considered blogging that you choose to do so because the results, no matter big or small, are so worth it. My goal is to reach more people and propose raw material that I got from true inspiration. Sorry for being so deep but It Has Been A Year Of Blogging For Me So I Feel The Need To Reflect On The Year In That Way!

Thank you all again and blog on!


Helen 🙂 ❤

18 Replies to “why YOU should blog ~a tribute to a year of blogging~”

  1. Well said about reasons for writing blogs. It is a great way to impact or influence someone’s life and ours too! Thanks for sharing the post! and Congratulations on successfully completing one year!

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  2. I love your tribute. You need to always celebrate your accomplishments. Blogging is very scary and can be a little discouraging at times but you made it through and that’s what really matters. CONGRATULATIONS 👏👏👏😉

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  3. I love this post! I started my blog about 8 months ago and I have also had some cringe-worthy posts! Reading this post has made me realise that even if you help just one person the cringe factor is worth it! thank you for sharing. x

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  4. What a lovely, heartfelt and honest tribute. Thank you for sharing these profound reasons with us. They resonate with me so much. Right timing, too, as I am a newbie and still have my doubts. 🙂 I hope 2018 will be an amazing one for you!

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    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! 🙈❤️ Honestly I’m so happy you decided to blog despite your doubts, it will all be worth while! I hope 2018 will be a great year of blogging for you! And if you ever need help, hit me up! 🙂

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  5. Congrats on the time and effort and thoughts that you put into your blog. I also love blogging as I find it fun and relaxing, except when I have a major technical glitch! At times like those, I can literally feel a heart attack coming on!
    Cheers to many more great years.

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  6. Hi Helen! its Emilie (-: I recently decided to restart my blog and as I was checking my email I saw your blog’s emails and I just wanted to say that your blog inspires me in so many ways. Your posts reminded me of all the good there is in life and I hope after I rework my blog a little that I can touch people with my words just like you do. Thank you for writing and I hope you continue to post on your blog because I really enjoy reading your pieces! Hope you are doing well! Emilie Lesser💓 PS – the song Better Days by Hedley is really good & thanks for sharing

    On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 8:30 PM, ZigZagMagazine wrote:

    > zigzagmagblog posted: “Hello human beings of the Internet world! Wow > today, January 15th 2018 marks one year of blogging for zigzagmag! This is > the date when I posted my first blog post last year. Actually I made my > blog in November of 2016, but actually had the courage to pos” >

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    1. YAY I’m glad you’re getting back into blogging!! And thank you for such a sweet comment, it made my night!! Can’t wait to read your new blog posts!!❤️


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