New Year, “New” Me?

Hello human beings of the Internet World!

Happy New Year,

This is the time when a lot of people, including ourselves, want to renovate our lives…

as in

“New Year, New Me”

And I am stating that we should end this trend.

Instead we should improve or change the things we do not like about ourselves, not making ourselves as a whole a negative factor.

Time is just an illusion that we constructed. The time in which most of the human population is actually the “Christian calendar” when in fact there are many other calendars. For example, in Judaism the New Year is in September, but is a different day each year because the calendar the Jews follow is different than the one most of the world follows. Also the year is 5775.

Time is a man-made creation we made in order to keep track of events in our lives!

The point I am getting to is that we shouldn’t rely on the date January 1st every year in order to change our well-beings. We should start the change right away. This is because we honestly do not know when we going to pass, so might as well change the things you do not like about yourself or want to accomplish now! Make daily goals.

I am not saying no to New Year’s Resolutions but I suggest looking at those resolutions in a way where you make “mini” goals for your main focus for a set time period. Basically have each day be set with goals that can contribute to that overall picture. I feel, we are more likely to reach our aspirations if we think about resolutions in that manner.

Also, we should take all the things from the past and make them factors that improve ourselves. Do not erase and create a “new you”. Whether things happen for a reason or not, we should look to improve ourselves, change things we do not like. But overall, we need to except ourselves as who we are as core humans!

Life’s a journey, laugh off your worries, no matter how cloudy the skies are because the overall view will be beautiful after all. (That quote I just said is reference to the picture of me laughing below 😀 ) But I am not perfect, I am still learning that improving myself takes time and I need to laugh when worrisome, because literally life is a journey so we should not get stuck and freak out over the “New Year, New Me” deal.

Cheers to 2018!


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