How to be a Happier Human Being ~Lessons from 2017~

Hello human beings of the internet world!

Sorry for being gone for so long, I have honestly been in a writing funk and have been having trouble creating ideas for what I wanted this blog to be about. But then I realized that this blog does not have to have a specific niche, so therefore I am just going to write what makes me and hopefully you all happy.

Speaking of happy…

As 2017 is coming to an end, I have done a lot of personal reflection, not just about this past fall school semester but all of 2017 and I have to say that throughout this entire year, I have never felt more happy in my life. Yes there are things that will always be upsetting and make me feel sad at moments but, I have found ways which have made me the happiest I literally have ever been!

So I wanted to share some tips with you all, in hopes to help you live a happy life 🙂

1.) Have meaningful conversations with old and new friends

I kind of “stole” this from my roommate Emma, shout-out to Emmaaaaa, but this is something I have been striving for when I hangout with my friends and when I meet new people. I have gotten insanely close to my friends, especially ones at college through doing this! Doing this honestly has made me feel more comfortable in my own skin and has made me realize that you can connect with anybody. People that you never thought you would connect with can really understand you!  And you are exploring your mind to new ways of interpreting and executing your thoughts. It really is a special thing and because of this I have felt that I am at home wherever I go, just by communicating meaningful conversations with people.

This does not just have to occur with friends or people on the street, but even with professionals in a field you want to go into. You can really connect with them on a personal level, developing more than just a connection, a real true friendship.

2.) Do/research things that you love, not just because you “should” or “have to”.

The reason I say this is because this gives you a drive to want to achieve something, having a goal! I recently discovered this and am still figuring out outlets to get inspiration from. But lately I have been making a point to watch TED Talks, or read blogs, and contact people about something I’m interested in because it might create a spark into something I want to do and achieve. It impacts my career!

Enter and apply to things you want to do, even if you do not think you will get them, because YOU NEVER KNOW! I just got my top Externship pick thinking someone older than me would get it, but I did! This year, I have gotten to do AMAZING things for my career, that I never thought I would do like go to Microsoft Headquarters, get an internship in LA, become a leader at my school all because I took initiative and applied myself!

Having goals in life, make life worth living, we were put on Earth for a reason so find your goals and achieve them!

3.) Give yourself mental breaks

This was something I had to learn throughout this year because all I would do is study, go to meetings, and keep going on with my day-to-day activities which I LOVE, but if I kept doing this and had no time to sit back and think about all these moments, I would lose focus and keep using all my fuel, and never have a time to rest. At times I felt that I would start neglecting and hating those activities we “have” to do. But when I’d take time to really sit and take in the moment and have downtime, I have a lot more fuel. So make sure to give yourself time to think back about your life, chill on the couch and just give yourself a mental break from all the go-go your life is offering you. Just not too long of a mental break when it doesn’t become a break anymore.

4.) Try to do a physical exercise that you enjoy doing, and eat foods that are not only delicious, but good for your body.

A lot of people exercise because they feel like they “have to” in order to stay a certain weight, but do not enjoy it and often are still not happy with their life or how they look. Exercise reduces stress but you have to enjoy the exercise you are doing, not just go through the motions.

Yes exercise can be painful, but if it is by playing a sport or doing a certain type of training that you love, it is very much less of a chore to keep your body a certain shape, but more of a mind, body, and soul experience that keeps you looking great and feeling great.

Also eat foods that are healthy, but make sure you enjoy the food. Yes it takes time to like certain foods like zucchini I hated but as a “independent woman” that I am, lol, I have learned to cook it a certain way to enjoy it. Not by pouring fat on it no, but some garlic salt and soy sauce. After having them for a period of time, you enjoy it but do not rush from eating burgers everyday to just kale, then you’ll never like eating healthy and just crave the unhealthy foods again. It’ll take time and might be painful but it’s so worth it! It’s all about the baby steps, in my opinion.

Make sure you ease your way and also enjoy the food because who wants to go through life having their taste buds be in pain. Have a balance! 🙂

5.) Last but not least, a quote my dad told me that literally made me want to complete this post:

10% of life is what happens to you, the other 90% is how you react to those occurrences.

This is something I have to remind myself a lot and has made me live life really and truly happy.

So except the “badness” from previous experiences, and learn to use them as tools of how top live life!

Maybe you had bad boyfriend experience, learn to use that as a way for your standards for your next boyfriend to not be. If someone you know passed suddenly or in pain, use that as a way of how you want to live your life as a healthy individual! Every time I have lost someone who physically passed or just a person who left my life, I use those, as reminders that I was put here to enjoy life, not obsess over the end of life or end of an era with someone. However, do not shy away from talking about these losses, it is how I personally get through them!

Live your life to the absolute fullest!

And that is some things I have learned this year that have made me live in such a happy state of mind. A lot of other experiences and people I have been a part of contributed to that factor, but overall, these are the basis to how I have been SO happy with life this year and I hope this will continue to be how my life is. I also hope these tips help you all.


Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers to life! #InspirationalSunday

Helen 🙂



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