life as an iPhone

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

With the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X being dated to release very soon, I thought of talking about the life that your iPhone goes through. Seriously, have you ever thought about the life your phone lives day to day being right besides you 24/7? You might be thinking, “well my phone lives the same life as me because it is with me literally all the time?”

No, I mean yes your phone “lives the same life as you” but in a different perspective so lets evaluate those perspectives shall we 😉


Iphones sliding Open.gif


~During a phone call or face time

So lets say you are on the phone with one of your best friends talking about the recent drama in your life…for two hours

While you are having this intense conversation, your phone is sweating buckets and literally dying! I mean look your phone went from 90% to 15% an hour into your phone call!

~ When you drop your phone

Iphone drop.gif

Us people, when our phone falls into the depths of the hard ground floor, we have a mini panic attack and pray that the screen isn’t cracked or that the phone stops working fully. 9/10 times it is fine, as it appears…

Your phone takes a toll on the fall later; its like our phone gets a concussion from the fall, and the results show after a couple of days, weeks, or even months after the fall. What the results include our phone freezing during random times, dying really quickly, or not being able to perform daily tasks at the normal speed of our desire.

How dare our phone take this toll on us, well this is the reality of the phone once it gets dropped. Eventually we just replace the phone because we think “its old” or “there something wrong with the production” or the best one is “Apple is making their products to mess up once a new one comes out!”

~When stalking people via social media 🙂

Instead of following a person home like a literal stalker, or maybe having a normal conversation to a person about their life experiences, we turn to social media to find all those details. Are phones are the stalkers.

Your phone is literally a secret spy here, it is doing all the dirty work for you, going on Instagram, scrolling down their feed, jumping into Facebook, and scrolling through their pictures, etc. Sometimes a “malfunction” the phone happens though! For example, it likes an old picture from years ago of the person you are stalking.

~When taking a picture or video

So everyone nowadays says “if you didn’t take a picture and post it on social media it didn’t happen”. Which is true in the life of your phone.

You very much know that a particular event happened no matter if people know about it through social media, but your phone does not get to view a specific scenery unless your phone captures a photo or video. If your phone sits in your pocket all day,  how does it know what you are looking at or hanging out with?

Therefore your phone only experiences events with you if you take a video, or photo while at the experience.

This is probably the strangest post I have ever written, so hope you all really enjoy it! We love our phones (iPhone and Androids and Blackberrys, if people still have those) with all our hearts so lets not take advantage of them!

Iphone love.gif

Logging out, Helen






6 Replies to “life as an iPhone”

  1. “if you didn’t take a picture and post it on social media it didn’t happen” My favorite line in your article😁 …yes it is not usual topic to write…but you know i do same on my blog: writing something which is too normal in daily life is a challenge!! So best of luck 👍👍👍 …keep writing …

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  2. Haha, I have never thought of my poor little phone this way. I had a Galaxy 7 for 2 years then upgraded to the iPhone 8 plus and I am in love with it! The guy who transferred all my crap from my old phone was amazed because I had no scratches or breaks. My phone is my baby, hah.

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