your friends at home VS your friends at college

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

Over the course of this past year traveling back and forth from college to my home, I have realized that the friendships I have established in both “worlds” are completely different. So to incoming college freshmen be aware 😉

Hometown Friends!

Friends at home have grown with you since you were young (unless you moved around a lot) but they saw you at your awkward stage with the braces and colorful headbands… :/ 🙂 and many other growth stages. You have been through ups and downs together that you will never forget.

I can talk to my friends at home about a subject relating to my personal family life and wouldn’t have to tell them the whole story behind it because they know my background, they lived in it. Also, hanging out with my friends at home is comforting because I don’t have to depict whether or not they like me; if you’ve kept talking to them while at college, then they like you! 😀 However, when you meet up with them when you get back from college, they will not be able to tell how you’ve changed, unless you got freshmen 15… 😀 They will probably treat you exactly how they did before you left and this can be a good and bad thing. This usually happens if you talk constantly while at school, but if you do not keep in contact, then they will probably see how you’ve changed.

Like Miley Cyrus says in her song Younger Now,

No one stays the same … change is something that you can count on”

They don’t know how you’ve “changed” at college so they might think the same joke you thought was funny months ago might just be immature now. And they might feel the same when you bring up something like that to them. Even if you have been talking while you have been at college, meeting in person vs on FaceTime are both very different. So looks and personality will be different once you meetup but don’t be worried fellow incoming college freshmen, if you both put effort into your friendships from your hometown, then it should be fine! So do not sweat about it!

snapping fingers (I got your Back) gif

College Friends 😀

Your college friends get to know the person you want to be.

So if you want to entirely start over, now is the chance! You get to share stories that you want them to know about you from home. Since you are meeting people from all over the world for the first time, they know nothing about you so you get to tell them about your family and life back at home. And it is not considered bragging so don’t be shy about sharing your life to random people! You also get to hear about their’s! They have different viewpoints and upbringings than you and that is really intriguing to me about my friends in college.

When I moved into the dorms, I put up pictures from when I had very long hair and all of my friends look at them and say: “It’s so weird to see you with long hair!” Meanwhile, right before I left for college I cut my hair and my friends from home say its weird to see me with short hair!

But overall your friends at college, the ones that stay with you, because to be honest you’ll have a few “friends” when you first move to college but you will realize as time goes on, that your lifestyles don’t match, etc. so you will drift a part. But to the ones who stay, they truly like you for you, not your past self from home. They like the person you are now and striving to be! This is an amazing feeling, especially if you came from a place with a lot of baggage.

The people at college are very open to meeting new people and making friends, so like I said before, you’ll have a few “friends” and then they might not last throughout your first year but there will be ones who stick, keep those close!

So you might find yourself creating friendships with people you would of never have thought was possible back at home. I honestly love my friends at college so much and don’t know how I went through most of my life without knowing them! And I only know that we will get closer as time goes on.

Since the people at college are very open to hearing about you and what you have to say you don’t get treated with “disrespect” like the friends at home. I don’t mean disrespect as in my friends at home were mean but they know me enough to not care about the “unimportant” things you are about to say and it won’t hurt your friendship, so they can ignore you and it wouldn’t effect your friendship. My college friends listen to everything and really take in what you have to say and I feel respected and validated as their friend lol, but now coming to my second year at college, we know each other enough to be “disrespectful” to each other, in the least rude way lol. 😀 #friendshipgoals

My friends at college come from a variety of backgrounds meaning there is no “group” or “cliche” like in high school. So if you didn’t like that aspect of high school, you can leave it behind you! In high school all my friends were on the water polo team because I practiced with them all the time and no one was open to creating new friendships with someone from a different cliche in the middle of the year, unless you were friends in previous years.

In college you are constantly meeting new people and making friendships! I have friends from different states and countries! You are creating memories you would never have imagined with people you would have never met otherwise! But the friends at home, you create new memories with the “new versions” of yourself!

In other terms, my friends at college and back at home are entirely different because they are a part of two different “worlds” and see two different sides of me that the other side doesn’t get to see. I love the friends I have stayed in touch with while being at college, they are true friends almost like family, but I also found a new love for the friends I am establishing at college.

Also creating meaningful friendships takes time; remember it is quality over quantity so you don’t have to have a million friends. Just a few that are close, but it is always beneficial to be friendly with everyone!

Logging out, Helen ❤




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