going back to your roots

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

Lets talk about history. A subject most people dislike in school, because if it isn’t relating to how Justin asked Hannah to prom instead of you, why does it matter?!?!?


Okay, I understand why some people do not care about certain parts of history because it does not have a real relevance to them, but all history affects how you were personally shaped to be you, and how the places around you were created whether or not you can see that!

I recently went to Israel for a little over a week and got reminded once again why going back to the roots is important because its where everything started and it impact your life today.

No I am not an Israeli but I am Jewish and going to Israel is not all that I meant by going back to my roots, it was the fact that I went with my family and what I learned with them.

I went last year with the Birthright organization and I learned so much about Israeli culture and how the country came to be alongside with with current occurrences the country faces with now. I also connected alot with the Jewish faith + I also made some great memories 😉 I came home being obsessed with Israel.

But this summer when I went, not only did it spark up the same love that I came back with the first time I went but it brought a different kind of understanding and reality to me. Going with my family I was able to connect Israel to my family; my grandfather was one of many people who helped establish Israel. He was one of few who survived the Holocaust and I cannot disclose everything he did after that but lets just say he is one of the reasons why my family is strong through thick and thin.

Going to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Israel with my family, we were able to connect where my family was during the Holocaust and look up our family in their data reports people send in for who pasted in the Holocaust.

It was weird how you can feel connected to a family name when it pops up on a screen, proving that they existed.

But visiting the a few of the same places that I went with birthright with was interesting, because their view on those places was different than my first time so that was intriguing. But going to places that I have not been was even more fun! Because I learned more and explored more wooo!

But this was the first family vacation since our family change I guess you can say, and even though it was funky because of that factor at times, it was one of the most special.

Here are a few pics!

 We explored all throughout Israel! The first picture is the area where people entered when first coming into Israel!

Look Im not gonna tell you everything I went to and how great Iarael is, even though Israel is amazing 😉 The point of this post to tell people how important it is to go back to your roots, look into your history and visit places your andsestors created or lived in! Because of them, you are you!

You won’t regret it 🙂


Logging out, Helen


Thank you Israel Maven Tours for an amazing tour

Mazel Tov Ben!



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