Khalid Concert @ Santa Monica Pier: Recap

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

Last week, Khalid performed at the Santa Monica Pier with the Twilight Concert Series! Lets just say the outcome was beyond what I, Khalid, and the press had not expected…

I have never known about the Twilight Concert Series until Khalid was announced to perform with them this summer! If you don’t know what the Twilight Concert Series is, basically it is a series of free concerts during the summer months, at several locations and the Santa Monica Pier is one of them.

Khalid brought in the biggest crowd to date. Over 60,000 people came to the Pier on June 22nd to see Khalid perform. There were so many people there that I did not have service on my phone! I could not send iMessage texts or find my location. I couldn’t send my location to Khalid 😉 *pun intended*


2017-06-30 (5)

The vibes at the performance were, for the most part, respectful and loving towards Khalid! People there knew almost every word to every song he performed!

Khalid tweeted:2017-06-30

I discovered Khalid’s music on Spotify just a few months ago. Khalid has not been around a long, literally he is only 19 years old. And musically he has only been on SoundCloud for a little over a year and just released his first album “American Teen” this past March on Spotify. He will be one of 2017’s top newest artist!

Khalid is not only a talented artist but an amazing and caring person! At the concert, not every person could fit on the Pier, so some people, like myself, stood on the beach. Khalid made an effort to face each side of the pier, towards the beach to address those fans!

I looked through his twitter and unlike a lot of music artists, Khalid responds to almost every person who tweets at him! He doesn’t only respond to people who have a lot of followers but to literally every fan imaginable! He responded to so many tweets about the concert and all other days about just day-to-day things!

Here’s a slideshow of some tweets!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall the concert itself was filled with crazy amounts of traffic, people, and singing. Yes maybe finding parking, getting cut off by drivers, and trying to find my friends at the pier was frustrating but worth it!

Khalid is a good example that anyone and everyone can achieve what they want! Just a little over a year ago, Khalid was a high school student, living in El Paso, TX. Now he is a hit music artist who is idolized by many!

Everyone starts as a nobody, you make yourself a somebody!

After the concert, and doing some stalking on his Twitter, I have a new found respect for him. Yes the music industry probably has, and will continue to change him but I believe he will continue to stand as a relatable, kind teen!

Check out Khalid’s music and Twitter for yourself!!




Twitter: @thegreatkhalid

Twilight Concert Series:

Logging out, Helen ♣


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