the ONE absolute thing we all have in common

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

Everyone is unique, despite whoever says you are similar to another individual, no one is exactly you! But if you are here, alive alongside all your peers, we do have one thing in common, BEING HERE TODAY!

We don’t know what tomorrow, next month, or next year will bring any of us in terms of goodness or badness. We have this very moment to do what our heart desires, well technically what our brain desires because your heart doesn’t control your thoughts but you get my point. 😉

This is starting to sound like a Tumblr post but…

Since a lot of us have been alive for quite some time now, we often take advantage of the fact that we are lucky to be living.

My little brother Ben and I literally just had a conversation about the universe and what is supposed to happen to us all after we pass on. We do not know what happens, we cannot even picture it because our brains have never been to that place. So why not live the life we want now, in a place where we can control so therefore you’ll be happy now!

Because we don’t know if we are going a heaven or hell!

So long story short, go to the gym like you’ve been planning on going to since New Years, go email that important business owner you want to connect with, go join a club or organization that you’ve been wanting to for years, do everything you can to achieve your goals and dreams and desires that will result in a happy life with a positive outlook because we all only have is this very moment.

Actually, I have been pushing off posting since I have been in California for summer, but this is a reminder to myself to do what I want and need to now; because who knows what will happen tomorrow. And if you live your life to its fullest, you will create the life you want to leave behind! Live every moment to its fullest.

Here’s a little collage I created 🙂

 2017-05-28 (7)

Sorry for being a Tumblr post but just needed to spit some truth!

Helen ❤


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