a letter to my middle school self, from my college self

Hello human beings if the Internet world...and fellow classmates...and former self,


I know the life you are living now can be overstimulating but I am here to let you know that you are growing into the person you have always wanted to become! I am here, as a freshman in college saying that I have become an exceptional leader and are able to identify specific traits that guided us, through a leadership program we were in this year. I know that more growth is in our future however, I am here to tell you what we have accomplished as a freshman in college, and what leadership indulges we have taken upon, to inspire us to keep striving for greatness.

We have taken our “goody-two-shoes” side, which could also be known as our responsibility and achiever trait, and followed up with assignments, water polo practices, and club meetings. This has allowed us to reach a great academic standing and opportunities to be attained in your college journey like touring the Microsoft Headquarters, getting into business programs, and being a leader on your water polo team.

Opportunities were in arms reach this year however, people said that these things would only be attained if we are a sophomore or a junior, but we challenged the process by using our focus skill to our advantage in applying for an internship, going to the career fair events on campus, creating a blog, and so on.

Now look at us, we have an internship in L.A. that starts next Monday!

But as easy as it seems, you had some ups and downs, and had to keep pushing yourself whether it came to group projects, personal academic work, assignments in clubs and other organizations, and the battles with your personal self. We used our belief strength to encourage our heart to keep doing what we dream of accomplishing. This skill also encouraged our peers to strive for greatness which created an impact in the world, which is our goal in life!

We are able to use and strengthen our intellectual leadership skill to have meaningful conversations with people you never thought you would meet, like friends and authority figures. Sometimes we are so busy with our schedule that we neglect reflecting on what we’ve accomplished and grown from this year. But this semester, we have been able to strengthen our skill of intellect to learn to reflect because it is essential for growing as a leader and as a person.

I know the times you are going through are weird and there are going to be occurrences that you would have never expected to happen, both amazing and horrible. But here we are, as a freshman in college, basically a sophomore now, saying that we should focus on the good so we can grow as a leader and achieve our goals. Next step is to get into the Eller College of Management and furthering our growth as a professional business individual, grasping any opportunities handed to us, using our leadership strengths and stepping stones this year has provided us with.


~your freshman college self 🙂

That’s a wrap freshman year! Get good grades on your finals and lets continue to grind on work to achieve our goals and dreams. Human beings from the WORLD, it is important to reflect one what you have accomplished and the set backs you have taken in order to strive for greatness. Write a note your your middle school self, they will be happily surprised by who you are today or see where change needs to occur! Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary! 🙂

Logging out, Helen ❤


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