5 awkward situations that happen in college

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

Going alongside the college trend from my last post, I decided to talk about the 5 awkward situations college students go through at least at some point! Enjoy!

1.) Seeing someone you know but not knowing whether or not to say hi.

This is so uncomfortable because sometimes you have friends from other classes but you don’t know if you are actually classified as “friends” yet. So you don’t know whether or not to say hi! What if they only consider you friends in class?

So you don’t say hi and you both make awkward eye contact and pretend you don’t know one another. I always feel weird so I try to say hi most of the time.

Also sometimes you see someone you know but you don’t know where from! Furthermore, you ask yourself if it is okay to say hi. What if its not Whitney from English but its Erica from Nutrition? You want to say hi but what if a conversation starts and they ask about the homework? Your like :/ ? Thinking “Uh I don’t know where I know you from”. Saying hi then starting a conversation might lead to awkward mishaps which definitely has happened to me.

2.) Tripping. 

Yes people trip at any point in time in their life BUT in college there are special times, when it is least convenient, is when one trips.

A lot of times its super bright outside and when I enter a classroom, sometimes its so dark because some professors keep the lights dim for their presentation but when I am trying to get to my seat I have to walk down stairs. My eyes are never properly adjusted in these situations but I can’t stand in the doorway until my eyes adjust, other people are entering the classroom! Furthermore, I have to have faith that my legs and feet will magically know where the steps are.

And the steps in one of my classes are like one giant one with one small one following it and I remember tripping not once but SEVERAL times in that class. And some people laughed! But how can one not trip in that situation? 😦

3.) Seeing one of your friends, that you are at the stage of saying hi outside of class or club meetings, but they don’t see you. 

This one is the opposite of the first situation but equally as awkward. Sometimes my friends have headphones in and sunglasses on, so when I see them like that sometimes they can not see me. So there I am waving and yelling their name, while the people around me look are looking in the direction where I am waving at to see no one respond. I might as well be waving to my imaginary friend.

4.) Walking back to your dorm room from the shower and someone from a different hall walks by.

In my residence hall, the bathroom is literally right next to my dorm room so I would not think this would be an issue but oh it has! Many random people who are going to someone’s room on my floor or to a study room sometimes see me just wrapped up in a towel.

This does not seem as awkward while typing it but in the moment it’s weird because all these thoughts hinder in my head like:

“Hope my towel doesn’t fall off”, “oh I look like a raccoon with my smears mascara”, “why are you starring at me like that, everyone showers”, “why isn’t my key fitting in the door now, but in every other situation it fits?”

5.) When your professor says to discuss with your neighbor about the topic of the day and you have no one to talk to. 

This is awkward because a person will straight up ignore you. You ask someone next to you what they think and they literally do not respond. Like excuse me, don’t ignore me! So then I just sit there drawing in my notebook wondering why you won’t just discuss with me for 60 seconds.

Or you just inconveniently sit far away from another human being and either you make the awkward adjustments to sit near them and talk or you do not do anything, making the whole situation awkward.

I believe that everyone experiences college differently so some situations people say other students face sometimes do not relate to me but I thought about it and I think all of these happen to everyone at some point in college.

Lets embrace our awkward moments!

Logging out, Helen 😉


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