how the show Drake and Josh relates to college students

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

I got this idea from reading the Odyssey and thought it was quite hilarious, so I decided to put my own spin on it! Hope you all enjoy!

When its cold in class but hot outside or vis versa: #storyofmylife

sweating drake and josh

When you get on your college’s SnapChat story:

Helen screaming

Writing an essay be like:

emphasis drake and josh

When there is a ping-pong table in the lobby of your dorm:

Ping Pong

The story of your college social life:

Drake and Josh going out     jk 😉

When you open up to your new friends at college:

friendship drake and josh

When there is an event on campus with free food:

free food

…once you get to the event with free food, the person in front of you gets the last of it:

enchilada drake and josh

When you are moving out of the dorms, getting your own place, and SnapChatting the whole process: #futureme

moving out

When you are still mad at the person who got the last slice of pizza at the free food event:

still made about food

When all your hard work pays off and college is going better than expected! 

hug me brotha

And there’s more but hope you all enjoyed!

Logging out, Helen ❤

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