happy international women’s day~you go girl

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

Happy International Women’s Day! ❤ 😀

A couple of days ago I got a message on my Twitter from a friend saying she liked my blog posts and that my posts represent a future that is female! Shout-out to you, if you are reading this! Thank you for messaging me that!

ANYWAYS it got me thinking that yes the future is female but that does not mean men take a step back, women are just taking a step forward.

Today is a day where we recognize women for their strength to be who they want to be whether that fits into the “standards” women are entitled to.

Dear women reading,

Be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and do not let anyone stop you. Happy International Women’s Day to you! ❤

Dear all people,

This day could be interpreted as: “women are better than men” which is DEFINITELY not the case. This day is to encourage women to be who they want even if the characteristics or acts they do are considered “more manly” in societies eyes.

I recently saw a video on Facebook from CNN, that Goalcast posted. Shout-out to whoever shared it! But she said that her girl friends would quit sports at a period of time because they would start looking more masculine. But if you like looking masculine but other people think it’s weird, do not quit the sport that you love for other people. If you really don’t like looking a certain way for you, then quit the sport if you so desire.

If it was not ladylike to have muscles then why do women’s bodies have the ability to gain muscle?

Today is about equality but more so on empowering women to be who they strive to be! So boys, this is not a day where you are less important than women. Sometimes everybody needs a little encouragement to be who they want to be. So today, women get that encouragement!


In the episode where Corrine gets sent home, she says sometimes like she needs people to tell her how amazing and great she is just as her. We all need men, women, any living being to empower us sometimes.

I hope all the women out there feel even more empowered today to be who you want to be! Today I shall think about all the women who inspired me to be me 🙂

you go girl

Logging out, Helen 🙂





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