“the normal life”

Hello human beings of the Internet world.

Have you ever felt that you were depicted as different than others that surrounded you?

Maybe it was because of your physical features, personality features, etc. Sometimes we all wish of the “normal life” that we see all the Instagram famous people post.

Everything is not what it seems… *sings the theme song from Wizards of Waverly Place* 😀

ANYWAYS….sometimes we see things in a certain way and see ourselves in a way no one else sees. Maybe we are the “normal life” that someone is striving to achieve?

I am here to tell you that you are not alone if you have ever felt this way. Sometimes I still feel this but let me tell you that everyone is unique but only the stronger ones will show it.

Heres a story: A couple weekends ago, a group of my friends and I hiked at this place called Gates Pass. I’ve seen people posting pictures there on Instagram and they are dressed all nice in the mountains. So my friends and I decide to go there and I do not know how these people hiked in normal clothes without getting them at least somewhat sweaty or dirty.

But in all honesty we do not know a person just by what they post on Instagram or by our first couple encounters with them. There is so much depth and if it seems that your depth comes out in your daily life, that is good I encourage you to keep letting yourself free and never get discouraged for not having “a normal life”.

But all of those people who appear to have a “normal lifestyle”, strike a conversation with them and we’ll finally see them for their true colors not by the sorority shirt they wear or the ethnicity they belong to.


Logging out, Helen ❤


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