Lets Empower Each Other, We All Can Do It!

Hello human beings of the Internet world.

An occurrence that happened to me and my friends was about two weeks ago. This event  was something that I actually wasn’t going to mention on my blog but I think everyone should be aware of an event like this ever happening to them. This event really made me realize the importance of empowerment in one another.

Also my friends and I saw puppies right before this experience and we literally told ourselves that nothing would ruin our day because of these dogs…well we jinxed ourselves 🙂 I mean look how cute!

Besides the point….

So two weeks ago my friends and I toured an apartment and when we got back to campus we decided to have lunch together by the tip of the university. This tip is close to a busy street where people can roam around.

So after we finished eating, we were walking back to our dorms and this man comes up really close behind me and mumbles something. I literally shook in fear. He seemed to be a homeless man.

My friend realizes how close this guy is to us and pushes us to the other side of the street, so he could carry on his day without us.

He then proceeds to follow us and ask “Do you want to spit in my face?!” We continued to walk. He then asks me for the time, and I didn’t want to take out my phone and stop because who knows what could of happened so I said ” I have no idea!” and continued to speed walk alongside my friends. We walked towards this family to see if this man would leave us alone. He tried talking to that family but then shortly after he was ignored he came back to us and aggressively asked us if we want to spit in his face and told us his mom used to spit in his face.

At this point we all run.

He runs after us.

And once one of my friends yelled help I saw his whole body shift back, towards the direction he came from and there he went. Never did I think something like this would happen during broad daylight!

Don’t worry everything is more than fine but it got me thinking, what if we were boys, would he have came up to us? What if he was a woman? Would she have came up to us?

However, he did say his mom used to spit in his face so because of that maybe he was treating us equally as human beings, in the fact that his mom disrespected him so therefore he can disrespect women the same? Since his mom spit in his face he had something against women?

Who knows what was going on in his head. I don’t even think the guy knew what was going on in his head.

Look, this is one example of the MANY different experiences women are facing today. In day-to-day life, women are depicted as the main care-takers for their children while men are the ones who earn the money at work. Yes you can still have this but what if the woman really wants to keep her job?

My experience that I shared was a different form of a non-feminist act.

Also I know I got lucky, this guy could have done worse things and I am blessed that the University of Arizona is a safe place but the fact that this guy felt that he could come up to us and treat us that way in not acceptable.

This was a case where either this guy was mentally ill or on drugs. But there are situations like this and others where women feel less powerful, recognized, and equal. This is why we must empower each other in order to step-up and make these issues not issues anymore. The result will be that these situations won’t occur!

Women are definitely treated with more respect than ever before but we still have a lot of work to do. We are treated with respect but not equal to men. And I’m not saying women just fall in the dust, men do have setbacks on their “role” as being a male for example, preferred to pay for dates etc.

But one thing I do want to emphasize is that I do not want men and women to be exactly the same, that is not what I mean by equal. Equal is being able to have the same opportunities, same recognition, and same rights as men. Being female or male does have a role in ones self which makes people unique from their hormones to looks to personality traits; but these qualities shouldn’t define our rights. It shouldn’t be a right for that man to be able to chase us women the way he did.

Alright this is turning into an essay. But furthermore, I hope you all see how gender equality is still an issue. And we must bond together to stop it!



Logging out, Helen ❤


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