my first blog post!


Hello human beings of the Internet world! My name is Helen and this is my first blog post and the start of my blogging. First I would like to introduce myself just so you know I’m no computer programmed robot.

Hi, my name is Helen and I am an 18 year old college student at the University of Arizona. I am a Pre-Business major planning to focus my studies on Marketing and possibly MIS. I have just completed my first semester at U of A and currently starting my second semester…(obviously). I come from a small town in Southern California known as “The Bubble” because no one leaves nor enters it. Literally there is a geotag there that says “The Bubble” 😀

Anyways… I come from a Jewish household of all boys well except for my dog Stella, she’s the only bitch I like. My household has consisted of all human boys for almost 2 years now,

Uh Oh here comes the sad part…because my mom passed away almost 2 years ago. You all can probably assume that a lot has changed since, good and bad. Through this blog I will write all about those experiences and a lot more things like my embark with moving to a different state, my college life, and my tips and tricks to make sense of this world.

For the longest time I have wanted to create some sort of social media platform to reach out to people so I can connect and learn from them. So finally I have made a blog! The blog name comes from my original last name which is a story my Zaide aka Grandpa…shout out to my fellow Jews 😀 , told me. Anyways, when I tell my friends the story of my Grandpa’s original last name, they call me Ziggy. Also my blog posts will consist of various topics which will make this blog go back and forth like when you are zipping a jacket up and down, or when your iPhone (or Android) is lost in directions so you go in circles. So, ZigZagMagazine suited.

In conclusion, I am no orthodox Jew nor a lonely daughter nor a person who thinks she knows everything, this blog is more for us all to connect and spread laughter and positive vibes and I hope you stick around 🙂

You know what every blogger says…the first blog post is the most embarrassing one so hope we can all laugh about this post in the far future.

~ Feel free to check out my social media which should be on the bottom right? Idk I’m new to this 😉 and share!

Logging out, Helen ❤


11 Replies to “my first blog post!”

  1. Hi, tHat was kewl, I see two people have started a trend so I’m gonna continue and here it is I love you haha pass it on guys and gals

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